Sunday, 3 August 2014

9 Benefits of Olive Oil for Health

The benefits of olive oil - Please note turns oil used for cooking and massage has a variety of properties. For example, let's call it in the tackle dry skin, treating the face, smoothing the hair. Olive oil has long been regarded as a natural remedy to resolve the problem of beauty and health. Here we present information about what properties of olive oil,

Benefits of Olive Oil for Beauty

One of the alternative herbal remedies is olive oil. Having some kind, that its function was different. Traditional oil can be used to make salads, sauces, and massaging. Here's some info about beauty tips.
Benefits of Olive Oil for Face

Well, first, as an article on how to tighten facial skin, traditional medicine can help skin smoother and healthier. Apply the oil directly on the skin as a whole. This oil is able to moisturize the skin, but the heart - the heart, the use is not recommended on oily face, because it can encourage the appearance of acne.
Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin

Not only complains to the skin, but the potent oil is also beneficial to the skin as a whole. As we know that any massage using olive oil, because it is intended to keep skin smooth and moist to prevent injured by massage. Mix 5-10 drops of the oil with a body moisturizer. Apply to the surface of the body after bath and before sleep. Benefits of olive oil for the skin as an addition to the nutrients to keep skin firm and supple.
Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

Almost all women do not want hair was matted dull is not it? Naturally, because one of the women's crown is the main attraction is the hair. How to treat hair using this oil is not difficult, as the article on the benefits of aloe vera for hair, hair care is quite easy to do. First, mix the oil into the shampoo when you want to wash it. Then while massaging head slowly. The content of the oil will slowly seep and help the health of your hair. other than that, this oil is also effective to cope with hair loss. Perform routine for maximum results.
Efficacy of Olive Oil

In addition to these four, the following also includes health benefits to olive

  1.      Reduce the risk of heart disease, because it has antioxidants
  2.      Coping with constipation
  3.      Preventing high blood pressure and help lower
  4.      Clean the rest of the make-up on face
  5.      Coping with dry and cracked skin on the soles of the feet
  6.      Helps nourish the nails.
  7.      Overcoming lips broke - broke

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